I’ve been a significant contributor inside industry giants, including Apple and Deloitte. Today, I help leaders and teams cut through the noise, focus on what truly matters, and turn ambitious ideas into scaleable, human-centered solutions.

Richard speaking on Education and Technology at the Houses of Parliament, London, UK.

Speaking on a panel on Technology in Education at the Houses of Parliament in London, UK.

With over 20 years experience in software engineering, product design & management, I have worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands to transform their business, build products customers love, and empower teams to do their best work.

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How can I help your team succeed?

As a product coach, I’ll partner with you to unlock your team’s potential. You’ll be guided through strategies tailored to you and your team’s needs that not only solve immediate challenges but also build long-term capabilities.

How is a product coach different from a consultant?

Unlike consultants who often focus on predetermined solutions with a focus on short-term goals, I empower your team with the skills, mindset, and tools needed to drive innovation and execution from within.

Are you driven to innovate, yet wonder if you might be re-inventing the wheel?

Do you find balancing innovation with execution challenging? How do you align your team’s efforts with the rapid pace of technological change? How do you prioritize what’s next, when every opportunity seems crucial?

These are just some of the challenges I’ve helped businesses navigate:

  • Crafting and executing a scalable product strategy
  • Validating product ideas with real users
  • Balance the needs and expectations of diverse stakeholders
  • Enhancing user experience through intuitive design
  • Managing technical debt while maintaining momentum
  • Applying cutting-edge technologies appropriately
  • Building and empowering product teams
  • Making data-driven decisions without getting lost in analysis paralysis

The key to innovation lies in the seamless integration of business, product, design & technology.

My expertise, at your service.

Navigate the complexities of growth and innovation with tailored coaching at every stage.

App Design

Actionable insights to streamline development and elevate the experience of your new or existing app.

Product Strategy

Streamline and focus your strategy with a quick audit, focused on outcomes to sort key actions from the noise.


Unlock your team’s potential through personalised coaching, for any stage business.

“Richard listened and took everyone’s perspectives onboard. His leadership helped to ensure we always knew what to do.”

 Mark B. — Meta 

“Richard’s experience across domains, from technology to understanding users, elevates both the quality of work and team collaboration.”

 Peter M. — Mastercard 

“I’d been looking to work with Richard for some time, and he did not disappoint. His technical insight proved invaluable. ”

 Adam C. — Talent M.

“Richard has an incredible ability to bring order to what is inherently complex.”

 Keith M. — Google 

“Richard gave us guidelines, but also space to come up with the best solutions.”

 Claudio Carnino — 0x 

I’ve been a significant contributor at industry giants, including Apple and Deloitte, for the past two decades where I integrated business, product, design & technology to empower product teams to build products customers love.

As the Product Lead at Apple’s Enterprise Design Lab, I guided teams through user-led design processes, producing innovative solutions that aligned technology with user needs.

At Deloitte, I led the delivery of key mobile solutions, while successfully scaling the mobile team, and fostering relationships with global partners. I played a crucial role in enhancing delivery efficiency and boosting client engagement, using technology for strategic business growth.

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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

How can I help your team succeed?

Tell me about your ambitions, and let’s arrange a time to discuss things further.