Creating Human‑Centered Apps

Bridge the gap between human needs and business outcomes.

Master the skills to create apps that captivate users and deliver real business value. This comprehensive training provides you with the essential tools to deeply understand user needs, transform insights into actionable plans, and master the art and science of app development. Elevate your skills and ensure your apps deliver maximum impact from the start.

Course Outcomes

  • Master Human‑Centered Design Frameworks
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to implement human-centered design principles in app development
  • Ensure your products meet the needs of real people.
  • Deeper Understanding of Your Audience
  • Learn how to effectively identify and analyze your audience’s needs and behaviors.
  • Translate these insights into actionable design strategies that align with strategic goals.
  • Enhance Storytelling and Engagement
  • Increase your ability to engage and inspire stakeholders by mastering the art of storytelling
  • Use narrative techniques to communicate a compelling product vision.
  • Prototype and Iterate Effectively
  • Develop and refine prototypes of your app, using iterative feedback to enhance functionality and user experience.
  • Design effective user interfaces that leverage familiarity to drive engagement.
  • Integrate Business Value with Design
  • Learn to bridge the gap between creative design and business objectives.
  • Craft app solutions that deliver measurable business value and drive stakeholder buy-in and engagement.

Workshop Details


In-Person Workshop



Start Date:

June 2024




Skills you’ll gain

Empathy and Understanding

  • Learn effective discovery techniques: Build rapport, ask the right questions, and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Choosing your users: Gain insights by engaging with different perspectives to inform your design process.

Strategic Storytelling

  • Craft compelling narratives: Use storytelling techniques to create a clear and lasting picture that connects your product features with user needs.
  • Enhancing AI Interaction: Learn how mastering storytelling can enhance your ability to interface with LLMs and AI, making your communication with these tools more effective.

Effective Prototyping

  • Apply technology effectively: Discover how to leverage technology to solve user problems without adding unnecessary complexity.
  • Create impactful prototypes: Learn to create and iterate on sketches and prototypes, incorporating feedback to enhance your designs.

Connecting to Business Value

  • Bridge design and business: Understand how great apps deliver business value and learn to articulate this connection to stakeholders.
  • Turn insights into action: Turn your narratives into actionable epics and stories.
  • Operationalize quality: Learn strategies to transform feature teams into cohesive, high-performing product teams.

Meet your instructor

I’ve been a significant contributor at industry giants, including Apple and Deloitte, for the past two decades where I integrated business, product, design & technology to empower product teams to build products customers love.

As the Product Lead at Apple’s Enterprise Design Lab, I guided teams through user-led design processes, producing innovative solutions that aligned technology with user needs.

At Deloitte, I led the delivery of key mobile solutions, while successfully scaling the mobile team, and fostering relationships with global partners. I played a crucial role in enhancing delivery efficiency and boosting client engagement, using technology for strategic business growth.

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